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How Has Boudoir Photography Become Such a Trending Genre in the 21st Century?

While it’s true that the “Boudoir photography” has garnered mainstream popularity in recent years, you’d be wrong to presume this is just a “flash in the pan” modeling genre that’s likely to fade into oblivion in a few years. The thing with Boudoir is that despite the giant strides we’ve made in the field of women empowerment and balancing the gender fabric of society, this genre is still perceived as “Taboo” by some traditionalists.

However, thanks to the advancements in human mindset and body acceptance, boudoir has become something of a celebrated fashion style. More and more ladies that wish to be bold and promote the feeling of self-love are looking for expert photographers to offer them the services, and that’s why one can be sure that this style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

A number of modern digital studios specialize in offering exclusive Boudoir photoshoot services and provide a variety of boudoir sessions (including creative boudoir, bridal boudoir, maternal boudoir, couple boudoir, etc). But you’d be wrong to presume that such mass acceptance for this trend happened overnight. In fact, this article aims to understand the history of this unusual yet captivating genre, and derive the future trends that will drive the sector forward. But first, let’s take a quick look at what the concept really means.

# What Does “Boudoir Photography” Mean?

Boudoir Photography in the simplest of terms refers to the idea, that the female body, no matter its dimensions or shape, is a beautiful creation of God, a piece of art in fact. So this genre is all about collecting such masterpieces in which women, particularly with larger frames pose in romantic styles in from of the camera, usually in front of a background holding a romantic prop, and have their pictures clicked by a professional.

# Going Back To The Roots For “Boudoir” Concept:

It must be noted that even though the genre of Boudoir art had been in existence during the early 20th century, that doesn’t mean the practice was an instant smash-hit success at the time. In fact, the whole sector has seen its popularity dwindle and skyrocket throughout the Twentieth century around the world.

Mr. Albert Arthur Allen, a French artist, and a photographer by trade was amongst the most widely known personalities in the 1920s to showcase these arts by using an elaborate backdrop to supplement the picture’s beauty. In a matter of decades, the idea of pin-up girls was coined, who were the ones that were willing to pose in either semi-nude or even perhaps fully-exposed to have their photographs taken and take the first step into the rapidly rising ‘fashion & modeling industry.

# The Renaissance (‘40s-’70s):

It was at this time that the image of what a desirable female body was supposed to be had been a topic of discussion, from poems to novels, to even theatre shows. Females with not-so-curvy bodies were labeled as unappealing by the general public, so the Boudoir genre at the time was all about celebrating the gift of God, that is a female’s body and usually, the females with delightful curvatures were depicted in these artworks.

However, as mentioned before, the trend was not always at a constant peak. In fact, by the 1970s when photography was no longer a novelty, but rather a common part of the modern “art world”, the photographs were readily available and this led to the emergence of other magazines that were ready to take the mantle of “fashion industry” and were starting to displace the Boudoir Art altogether.

# The Spectacular Comeback in the 21st Century:

Boudoir photography, however, started to gain prominence back by the late 80s and early 90s, as this time coincided with the golden age of Playboy magazines, and it was at this phase that the image of female bodies became more luxuriant.

This was still the time when naked female bodies were considered taboo and hence why the genre of Boudoir was also often misinterpreted by the simpler minds. The idea behind this whole industry was shown the blind eye, and the conventional minds simply regarded this concept as “glorified pornography. However, as the general public became more accepting and educated, Boudoir art also gained a worldwide reputation as a much classier kind of photoshoot than earlier depictions of the reserved people.

# The Revised Meaning Of Boudoir Today:

Today, Boudoir-style fashion has become more widely accepted. It is a major part of the mainstream fashion industry and is widely sought after by ladies who are willing to depict themselves in their sexiest avatar, either as a gift to themselves or a special someone. Even the studios have started to offer exclusive “Boudoir photoshoot” packages since the genre is equally accepting of all females regardless of their skin tones, dimensions, and personal features.

Boudoir is commemoration of femininity and is the perfect getaway from the mundane routine of everyday life. Many females perceive it as the perfect means to unearth their inner self-confidence, fierceness, strength, and rightly so. Imagine going through your boudoir photo album after several years when going through a period of self-doubt, and realizing just how beautiful and one of a kind you really are.

# Conclusion:-

Given that you’ve stood with us so far, it might be that you’re yourself looking for an exciting boudoir photography experience, but simply aren’t aware of any renowned digital studio that offers these niche services. Well, if that’s the case, then we’ve certainly got you covered. Here at Glamour photography, we offer fine-art photoshoot services to our cherished clients all over Australia.

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